Data Transfer

You may feel frustrated on how to "move" all the contacts, photos or calendar from the old mobile phone to the new one and feeling hopeless when spending couples of hours in transfering all data. 

WhatsApp, WeChat and Calendar are the most difficult to move across platforms

Transferring data across different operating platforms (iOS, Android) often requires quite complex technology.  Among them, the WhatsApp, WeChat, and calendar data most needed by customers are the most difficult to transfer across platforms, and it is even more difficult to transfer data from Android devices to iPhone! Without the accumulation of long-term experience and skills, it is easy to surrender!

Wilson's Exclusive Instant WhatsApp transfer service: no appointment required, professional services

Wilson first launched the "Data Transfer" service since 2003. With more than ten years of experience, we have mastered the professional skills of transferring data across platforms. In addition to phone books, photos and videos, even WhatsApp, WeChat and calendar data are available. More importantly, you can use the data transfer service for free if you buy a mobile phone through Wilson, but even if you have other mobile phones at home and want to transfer data, you can also pay for the service! Wilson's data transfer service also does not require appointments. When users need to move data to a new device, Wilson is the wisest choice for data transfer service!

Also, we undertsand there are a lot of personal data being saved in the mobile, the old mobile will reset to factory setting while trade-in, minimizing the possibility of privacy leakage.