OSIM Landing Zone

The Promotion are valid till 31/8/2022

The offer cannot be used in conjunction with other promotion offers, discount and cash coupons. Limited offer while stock lasts. The product color will vary slightly due to differences on computer screen setting. All should subject to the actual product.

  1. OSIM uBrush 2 OS-160
    OSIM uBrush 2 OS-160
    As low as HK$49.00 Regular Price HK$128.00
  2. OSIM uThrone
    OSIM uThrone
    As low as HK$5,680.00 Regular Price HK$8,888.00
  3. OSIM uDivine Mini 2
    OSIM uDivine Mini 2
    As low as HK$8,588.00 Regular Price HK$12,888.00
  4. OSIM Smart DIY Massage Chair (OS-290S+OS-393S)
    OSIM Smart DIY Massage Chair (OS-290S+OS-393S)
    As low as HK$5,980.00 Regular Price HK$8,960.00
  5. OSIM uJolly 2 Smart
    OSIM uJolly 2 Smart
    As low as HK$2,980.00 Regular Price HK$4,280.00
  6. OSIM uSqueez 2 Smart
    OSIM uSqueez 2 Smart
    As low as HK$3,280.00 Regular Price HK$4,680.00
  7. OSIM uSqueez 3 Leg Massager (OS-3208)
    OSIM uSqueez 3 Leg Massager (OS-3208)
    As low as HK$5,880.00 Regular Price HK$7,980.00
  8. OSIM uCozy
    OSIM uCozy
    As low as HK$798.00
  9. OSIM uVision 3
    OSIM uVision 3
    As low as HK$498.00
  10. OSIM uMist Dream
    OSIM uMist Dream
    As low as HK$456.00
  11. OSIM uSqueez Hand
    OSIM uSqueez Hand
    As low as HK$1,280.00
  12. OSIM uCozy 3D
    OSIM uCozy 3D
    As low as HK$980.00
  13. OSIM uGlow IonCare (OS-1208)
    OSIM uGlow IonCare (OS-1208)
    As low as HK$1,280.00
  14. OSIM uGlow Cleanse (OS-1204)
    OSIM uGlow Cleanse (OS-1204)
    As low as HK$1,280.00